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"Discover The Hardcore & Uncensored,
Top-Secret, Most Intense, Master Mind Sessions of Arguably The Most Elite And
Ultra-Successful Marketers of All Times"

              You Don't Want To Miss The Secrets That Were Revealed In This
Behind Closed Doors No Holds barred Exclusive Bootcamp!


"I've already used a couple of the concepts from the Direct Mail Bootcamp. The bottom line was $11,500 in the bank in about five weeks. If you are serious about success and want to make money with direct mail, you must get this course."

-- Erold Ansell, Australia



Dear Friend,

Everything you may have heard about the legendary Direct Mail Bootcamp is true.

Even the stories about what Gary Halbert did in the Al Capone suit at the Arlington Hotel are true. (Yep, Gary would have made Big Al proud.)

But the biggest story of all is what happened to me and those who participated in the bootcamp. We all learned the ultimate skill . . .

How To Make A Good Income Anywhere, Anytime,By Developing
and Following Through Direct Mail Projects !

Itís true. No matter who you are or where you live in this country, you can learn how to make a good income doing nothing but coming up with and rolling out direct mail projects. And itís an easy business to get into. You donít need an office or storefront, you donít need retail clerks or salespeople, you donít need a heavy investment in inventory. In fact, all you need to get into the direct mail business is to . . .

Start Mailing Sales Letters !

Of course, just because you start mailing letters, doesnít automatically mean youíre going to make money. Thatís because success in direct mail is kind of like baking a cake. To bake a cake, you use a recipe, put in all the ingredients in the right order, pop it in the oven, and you end up with a cake. But try to make that same cake without a recipe, and chances are youíre not going to end up with a cake at all. In fact, youíre probably going to end up with one heck of a mess!

And itís the same way with direct mail projects.

If you try to make money in direct mail, and donít know or donít use the "Recipe for Success in Direct Mail" (the recipe revealed by the experts at The Direct Mail Bootcamp) youíre probably going to have the same kind of success rate youíd have if you tried to bake a cake without a recipe. Just about zero. (And youíd still end up with a big mess on your hands.)

But if you know, and use, the amazingly simple, straightforward "Recipe for Success in Direct Mail" (as revealed at the Direct Mail Bootcamp), youíre going to discover it is easy to make money with direct mail ventures. And itís easy to pursue a lifestyle where all you do is come up with, and follow through on, direct mail projects. Itís a real adventure, and an adventure that can make you rich, if you know the "recipe for success"!

And that was the purpose of the Direct Mail Bootcamp -- to bring together the best minds and top performers in the direct mail business for four solid days, so they could teach the "Recipe for Success in Direct Mail" to others. And thatís exactly what they did.

Some of the experts who participated in the bootcamp were . . .

  • Gary Halbert - Whose clients eagerly pay him $15,000 an hour for his marketing advice!

  • Ted Nicholas - Known as the most successful Magazine Advertiser in the Country!

  • John Carlton - One of the best copywriters alive today, known for getting results!

  • John Eger - Co-owner of National Response Corporation; places 4,000 ads a week!

  • David Deutsch - Ex-Madison Avenue Copywriter, now highly in-demand freelancer!

  • Carl Galletti - Direct Mail Catalog Expert!

  • Lisa Morrice - President of On Target Communications, specializing in direct response!

  • Phil Kratzer - A brilliant marketing strategist, involved in two-step marketing, 900 numbers!

  • Karen Anderson - List broker specializing in joint ventures and endorsed mailings!

  • Bond Halbert - Another Halbert (Garyís son) with the gift of marketing brilliance!

  • Guerilla "Bill" & Karen Myers - Known for their low budget projects that net high returns!

This amazingly talented group of people, all of whom make a living in some aspect of the direct mail business, came together for the first time ever for a single purpose . . .

To teach Direct Mail Bootcamp Participants everything they knew about creating successful direct mail projects !

And instead of just giving speeches, they spent four days demonstrating how to create successful projects in a logical, step-by-step process. Starting at the beginning with the very basics and sequentially working through each step in the entire process. Everything was covered, but just to be sure everybody got it, the experts actually . . .

Came Up With A Direct Mail Project And Developed It From Beginning To End Right There In The Bootcamp!

A complete project. From start to finish. From coming up with the idea, to defining the market, to creating the product, to developing the offer, to getting it all down on paper, even to mailing and taking orders. They did it all.

And in the process, they revealed the "recipe", the "template" for success in direct mail. And until you see for yourself, youíll never believe how easy it can be for you to make good money in this business (as long as you follow the proven formula).

Here are just some of the things you'll discover . . .

A Very Small Sampling Of The Important Topics That Are Covered On These 24 CD's (in MP3 format)

You will learn...
  • Why it is so important to Define The Market First, before you come up with the product. (Most people come up with a product, and then ask "Who can I sell it to?". Thatís the wrong way.)
  • Where to find the Ultimate Market To Sell Direct Mail Products To. (And how to know before-hand if the people you are mailing your letter to are in the position to buy from you.)
  • How to find the Ultimate Direct Mail Product for your market. (And how to get manufacturers and distributors to send you free samples of products they want you to sell!)
  • How to Avoid The Really Dumb Mistakes behind almost all direct mail failures! (This alone can assure you of a 1000% better chance of success.)
  • How to find Start-Up Capital And Complete Financing for any direct mail project!
  • How to find names, addresses and spending habits of the group of People Most Likely To Want To Spend Money With You!
  • How to write a "killer" direct mail offer that will Make People Want To Send You Money!
  • How to Master The Mechanics Of Producing A Direct Mail Offer That Really Works!
  • How to use Premiums and Free Bonuses to Boost Your Sales Right Through The Roof! (And why the best premiums probably wonít cost you a dime.)
  • How to estimate the Profit Potential and risk of any direct mail offer, and How To Know In Advance Which Projects Will Be Big Winners before you invest a single penny !
  • How to Use the Post Office for Maximum Effect!!! (Includes techniques to disguise bulk mail, getting the best postal rates, and timing your mail for best responses.)
  • How to acquire the mail order rights to Best Selling Books and Videos for as little as $250!!
  • How to get a Print Shop to agree To Underwrite Most of the Start-Up Costs Of Your Next Direct Mail Project! (And how to use printing services to increase your response rate.)
  • How to put your Direct Mail Order Entry and Product Fulfillment System on Full Auto-Pilot!!! (Get orders taken, charge cards processed and products shipped without your involvement!)
  • What you must do to Protect Yourself Legally before you start any direct mail project!
  • A strategy to generate $100,000 in 120 days starting with just a $600 investment !

Get Your Direct Mail Bootcamp Now

The experts showed us all this and more! And they presented it in a way that made it easy to follow and simple to understand. More importantly, we learned success in direct mail can be almost automatic -- if you follow the recipe. The same recipe being taught to us by people who were actually doing what they were showing us how to do, and that was...

Raising Huge Sums of Money With Direct Mail Projects

But you know, itís funny. All the experts kept talking about was how they werenít in direct mail for the money, instead they were in it mostly for . . .

The lifestyle that having money permits them to live.

Itís a strange way of thinking about money, but I guess theyíre right. Itís not so much the money thatís nice, itís what having money allows you to do.

See, when you have money, you donít need a job, you donít have to work for anyone else. And not having to show up for work every day frees up a lot of your time.

Time you can choose how to use. Time to spend with your family. Or on your hobbies. Or on an adventure. Whatever.

The Choice Is Yours.

But, as the experts pointed out, having the choice to do what you want, and having the free time to do it, can become quite addictive. Once you taste this freedom, youíll find it hard to go back to your old job. Youíll never want to work for anyone but yourself. And youíll know why those who are doing it say a career in direct mail is the ultimate adventure!

Being able to come and go as you want, to travel, to spend time with your family, your friends, or to just sleep late, are luxuries far more enjoyable than a big car or a fancy gold watch. (Or so say the experts.) According to them, the real reward of success is . . .

True Independence

(And I always thought it was the money!) Anyway, listening to these successful people talk about their lifestyles was fascinating. And it made us realize that money isnít the goal. Money just provides a means of reaching many different goals, goals as different as the individuals who set them. (But money is not a bad thing.)

There is something that money brings, though. Something that none of the speakers actually talked about, but something that could be seen in all of them. There was an air of confidence, a feeling of security, maybe even an inner peace that made these people stand out in a crowd.

But maybe it wasnít the money, maybe it was the knowledge that they had discovered a way to live well, no matter what happened in their lives. They knew that anytime they needed money for anything, all they had to do was follow the recipe for success in direct mail. And in a few days, money would start filling their mailboxes.

A surprising thing about these experts is that they werenít at all hesitant to share the techniques they had mastered. They didnít hold back on anything, they told us everything, gave us advice and direction, and even told us about their biggest mistakes. It was amazing . . .

They had discovered a way to escape from the rat race, and didnít mind sharing the secret!

They were also honest with us. They told us direct mail is not some Get Rich Quick scheme. It is a way of doing business. A way to reach a huge audience of millions of potential customers without having to knock on a single door. Or without having to make a single sales call. Itís all done by mail. (Which means you can launch projects from the kitchen table.)

And, because you can reach so many potential customers
inexpensively . . .

Even a small success with a direct mail project can reap huge profits!

You donít need a sophisticated operation mailing hundreds of thousands of letters a week. In fact, using the recipe for success, you can earn $20,000 or more per month, doing small mailings into the right market. You can keep your business small, yet still be able to make big money.

Another thing they taught was you donít need much money to get started (they really pounded this into our heads). In fact, they all agreed that having too much money is one reason many people fail! The logic behind this statement is surprising, but it turns out to be true.

Anyway, those lucky enough to attend the Direct Mail Bootcamp realized very quickly that they were part of something very special. This was one of those amazing, profoundly life-changing events you sometimes read about in the biographies of people who have made it big. No doubt sometime in the future, when some successful person is asked what was the turning point in his (or her) life, he (or she) will point to participation in the Direct Mail Bootcamp.

But not everybody could get in . . .

Unfortunately, not everybody who wanted or needed the kind of experience the direct mail bootcamp provided was able to attend. Some people, still stuck in the rat race, couldnít get away from their jobs. Others had prior commitments they couldnít reschedule. And many just couldnít afford the thousands it would cost to fly to Hot Springs to participate in this event for a week.

Even some of those who had the free time, the funds, and an open schedule, found they couldnít get in. To their disappointment, they discovered that the limited number of open seats at this event filled up just days after it was announced (but thatís no surprise considering what was being taught, and who was teaching it).

Anyway, if you are one of the ones who missed out on this life-changing experience, and want the "recipe for success" in direct mail, along with the private and confidential advice and direction from some of the best minds in the industry, youíre in luck!

Get Your Direct Mail Bootcamp Now

Here's What The Top Dogs in The Industry
Have To Say
About The Direct Mail Bootcamp

"As someone who has purchased many home study courses in his life, I must admit I was floored by the amazing content and down-to-earth information presented by the masters of direct mail. I've already made money using just one of the ideas from the course -- in less than a week! I would seriously recommend the Direct Mail Bootcamp to anyone who wants to make a lot of money quickly with direct mail."

         -- Jonathan Mizel, Colorado

"I never have gotten so much easy-to-understand, stick like VELCRO to the brain, direct mail techniques from one single source as I have from your Direct Mail Bootcamp tapes. For literally years, I had been looking for just such an all-in-one, complete direct mail guide. Your Direct Mail Bootcamp tapes have given me back my dream."

-- Jim Huebner, Florida

"I have just finished listening to the Direct Mail Bootcamp tapes. The material is excellent! I am finally convinced that I can get a direct response business going, and it has the lifestyle I want!"

-- Merle Thowe, Oklahoma

"Purchasing the Direct Mail Bootcamp is by far the most sure-fire way anyone (even a rookie like me) can get started in direct response marketing with the smallest risk and the potential of the greatest success."

-- James H., Tampa, Florida

"The material you sent is just great and will be very helpful to me in my efforts. It is very re-assuring to find people who are genuinely interested in helping others. Your honesty and integrity are obvious and I feel fortunate to have purchased your tapes."

-- Ken Schaadt, California

"You gave me step-by-step instructions I can use to grow my own direct mail business. With the advice you share freely, I'll be able to reach my dreams a lot quicker. Your successful experiences, passed on to others, will make doing business less risky and more profitable.

-- Mike Roth, Arizona

"The very complex subject of Direct Mail laid out in a clear, simple, step-by-step system. So simple anyone can do it! Great Job! If you can't take it from here and make a ton of money -- you are beyond all hope."

-- Ken Kerr, California

"Gary Halbert's point-by-point explanation of how to construct an offer and where to get a product was exactly what I needed. This was my first exposure to direct mail marketing and I have received so much good information that I can't wait to begin using it."

-- Steve P., Harrison, Arkansas

"The Direct Mail Bootcamp was practical, professional and astoundingly thorough. I expected the material to be good but I never expected the amount of information I got.

-- Chuck Bernstein, Georgia

Get Your Direct Mail Bootcamp Now

The Components of the Direct Mail Bootcamp Experience

When we began putting this package together we wanted to include everything that made this event so important to those who participated. And we also wanted to include some Free Extras that would make the home version of the Bootcamp Experience even more worthwhile. And this is what we came up with starting with . . .

The complete minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day audio record
of everything that went on at the bootcamp.


On these 24 CD quality MP3's, youíll hear every speaker, every workshop, every presentation, every question asked and every comment made during the bootcamp (even the funny stories and jokes are left in).

Plus, along with the Audios youíll also get . . .

A copy of Insiderís Guide To Direct Mail Profits workbook. This 140 page direct mail workbook gives you the complete recipe to success in direct mail.

Itís full of vital information and has numerous checklists that will help you insure your project is a success. Youíll love the way itís laid out. Itís easy to follow, and youíll use it every time you start planning a direct mail project.

And in addition to all this, you get a Huge Bonus, exclusive to the home version of the Direct Mail Bootcamp Experience.

But before you start counting all the money youíre going to make with this, thereís something you need to know. We are not giving this material away. In fact, even though this is an amazing offer, we donít expect many people to be in a position to take advantage of it. And thatís OK. Because this offer is not intended for everyone.

So . . .

If you are broke, or down to your last penny,or donít know where your next meal is going to come from,or are mentally or emotionally disturbed . . .  then donít bother ordering the Direct Mail Bootcamp  Experience. It isnít for you.

Or . . .

If youíre looking for a "magic" pill to fix all the problems in your life,or canít or wonít follow instructions, or donít want to listen to advice . . . . . . then this is not going to work for you either. Itís not magic.

Or . . .

If you are the least bit shady, and looking for a quick way to scam unsuspecting little old ladies out of their life savings . . . Then look somewhere else. We donít want this kind of information to fall into your hands.

On the Other Hand . . .

If you are looking for a path which can take you to the level of personal success and financial rewards that you desire, a path that has proven to work time and time again for others, the Bootcamp Experience might be exactly what you are looking for. Especially is you can afford to invest in your success.

Operating your own direct mail business offers you one of the most direct, hassle-free ways you can generate a substantial cash flow quickly . . . if you know the recipe for success. And the complete Direct Mail Bootcamp Experience is the only opportunity of its kind for you to learn that recipe from some of the most successful names in the direct mail business.

But itís not free.

Itís going to require an investment in money (to get the audios) and time (to listen to them). If you sincerely feel you can make that investment, then read on. Iíve got some good news for you.

By now you know the Bootcamp Experience is more than a set of CD's.  More than a library of carefully selected reference and resource material.

It is all these things and more.

And combined with your desire to live your life on your own terms, it can be . . .

The Total Learning Experience That Changes Your Life!

Get Your Direct Mail Bootcamp Now

Thereís nothing quite like the feeling of success. And that feeling can be yours. It is within your grasp. No matter who you are or where you live, you can have a profitable future with direct mail projects. And the Direct Mail Bootcamp Experience can be your launching pad.

OK. Letís talk a little more about the investment required. Recordings from other seminars of this caliber are usually priced in the $1,000 range. And usually these sets are worth every penny of the asking price. But the problem is, not everybody can afford to invest that kind of money, especially right now. Life has its demands, and many of those demands are financial.

Still, an investment in oneís future can sometimes be priceless -- if only one can afford to make that investment. (Itís sad but true -- some people canít afford to be successful). Anyway, if you can afford success, and recognize this as an opportunity to fulfill your dreams, this is your chance to participate in the complete Direct Mail Bootcamp Experience.

I sell the printed version of the course for $397,
but your investment for this Complete Program is only $37.00!

Why am I willing to let it got for such a small amount?  Because the entire program is in mp3 and pdf format and you can download it all immediately.  This saves the large printing cost of the huge manuals and reproducing all the CD's for every set.
 The savings are being passed on to you when you act today

And You Get All These Bonuses ...

BONUS #1:  Bill Myers "301 Direct Marketing Tips"

Read "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" and put the advice to work. If you don't make at least 20 times what this book costs you within one year, I'll write you a refund check for the entire amount on the spot, no questions asked. And that's a promise.

Take a look at just a few of the proven tips and techniques you'll learn from this book:

  • The 5 key characteristics your target market must have in order for you to succeed with any direct mail effort.., if your market fails any of these tests, it's a poor candidate for your project. (see page 12)

  • Your success in direct mail depends on 4 things... do you know what they are and their order of importance? You must! (see page 13)

  • Mailing list secrets exposed!!! Which lists work and which lists don't! (see page 16)

  • Bulk or first class? ... which is better for your test mailing? (see page 17)

  • The seemingly obvious, (yet little understood) ways to package your products for maximum success and profit! (see page 24)

  • Do testimonials really work? Find out on page 28.

  • Want to know the best and worst bonus items to use?... see page 26?

  • Does your mailer look like "junk mail"?.., learn what to do about it on page 29!

  • What's the most often used (and most profitable) premium?... see page 25!

  • The key rule for success when selling video tapes as part of a package. (see page 24)

  • What the "out of box experience" is and how it can keep refunds down to almost nothing! (see page 26)

  • How to keep prospects from putting your letter aside - and how to get them to order now! (see page 28)

  • The parts of a sales letter you need to succeed in the mail! (see page 31)

  • Does offering overnight delivery increase orders?... check on page 29 for the shocking truth!

  • Discover 18 proven tips for getting "in the mood" to write a bulls-eye targeted sales letter that pulls in orders like mad! (see pages 34 to 37)

  • How to get a "reluctant recipient" to read your letter! (see page 38)

  • Why you should read at least 50 winning headlines before you even sit down to write! (see page 39)

  • Your letter is junk mail!.., if you headline contains these two phrases. What are they? Check page 41 for the answer and save yourself thousands in wasted mailings!

  • Can a picture or clip art work in your sales letter?... only if you know the special selection criteria on page 41!

  • What salutation is best for your letter?... a customers first or last name?... (see pages 42 and 43 for important FACTS!)

  • The 14 most common salutations, and how to know which one is best for your project! (see pages 43-44)

What's more "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" is put together in the order you're most likely to need the information. Take a look at some of the Chapter headlines:

  • Ten Commandments of Direct Mail! Follow these basic rules to increase your chances of success and reduce the risk of failure.

  • Choosing the Right Customers! Success starts with finding customers who already want your products. You'll learn how and where you can locate them.

  • Selecting Hot Products That Will Sell! Inside methods for finding (or creating) the exact products your direct mail customers want to buy.

  • The Psychology of Customers! You'll learn the secrets of customer behavior and how to use them to reduce resistance and increase sales.

  • Understanding Sales Letters & How to Get a Killer Response! Here you'll learn tips on the components of effective sales letters and techniques for getting the best response!

  • Order Form Secrets! Find out why a good order form can increase your sales dramatically, even when customers don't use it!

  • How to Get Your Envelopes Opened! Most sales letters get thrown away unopened. Here's how to make sure your letter gets opened!

  • Layout For Maximum Sales! Looks are everything! But which "look" works? Learn insider methods for getting the most profitable "curb appeal".

  • Printing the Package: A few simple strategies for getting your sales letter printed at the best price and quality!

  • Profitable Mailing Strategies: How to make the postal service work in your favor!

  • Increasing Your Profits: Discover techniques for increasing profits using back-ends, follow-ups, and up-selling - all of which will make mail order much more profitable for you!

You're looking at the tip of the iceberg of all that this incredible book is going to teach you!

"301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" is the hottest, most useable book on direct mail marketing you'll ever lay your hands on... the tips and techniques you learn are all proven through actual use.

BONUS #2:  Bill Myers "Unfair Advantage Letter Book"

This Ultimate Collection Of Winning Ads & Sales Letters Gives Your Business An Unfair Advantage
If you own a business (or are planning to start one), hereís how to get the unfair advantage you need to win new customers and successfully compete with any business in any marketplace!

Dear Friend,

Our nationís economy is the strongest itís been in years. And many businesses have discovered a way to grow their business during these economic good times. Their secret to success...

Direct Mail Advertising & Marketing!

While this may sound like just good common sense, most small business owners just donít have the time to write the continual stream of direct mail letters, press releases, classified and display ads, post cards, TV commercials, advertising response packs, and other material that developing a good relationship demands. And thatís a shame because...

Itís through these letters, ads, press releases and general correspondence that a small business can establish itself with customers. And successfully compete with any size business in almost any marketplace, no matter what product or service is being sold.

Your Unfair Advantage

No matter what kind of business you run, you can get the unfair advantage of having a carefully selected reference library of ready-to-use pre-written direct mail letters, ads, press releases, and other materials you can use to make your business stand above the crowd... instantly!

The Unfair Advantage Letter Book is filled with the kind of customer letters, classified and display ads, press releases, direct mail offers, even TV commercial scripts you are looking for. And all were developed and tested to be successful for businesses like yours. All are proven winners!

Having this remarkable resource is like owning the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. Anytime you need a direct mail letter, an ad, a rate sheet, or even day-to-day correspondence, you can look in your copy of The Unfair Advantage Letter Book and find what you need. Itís like having an expert there in your office with you to help get the job done! You donít spend time reinventing the wheel. And thatís your unfair advantage.

Imagine having, at your fingertips, pages of examples of direct mail copy that really work! Some of the jewels youíll find in this book include...

  • A letter that sold over $25,000 in products in the first 30 days it was mailed! And over $50,000 in 60 days. Plus the two "follow up" letters that went on to generate a further $50,000 from the same list.

  • Published press releases that generated (and still are generating) thousands of dollars in free publicity for small businesses like yours!

  • A newsletter format proven to attract customers for almost any type of service business! (Customize this one with your company letterhead and youíll be amazed at how much business it can bring your way!!!)

  • Several different display ads, ranging from a 1/9, 1/16, ľ, 1/3 to a full page. You donít have to be a professional advertising agency to create dynamic sales copy that works . . . Just modify these tested ads to fit your product.

  • A letter used to get FREE products from manufacturers for evaluation purposes. This one really works!

  • Several full page ads designed to run in low cost weeklies. Each of these ads costs less than $300 to run, but generated thousands in sales! You can use one of these as a template for your next ad!

  • Three different response packs used to convert cold customer inquiries into sales. Each of these includes an order form and the special return envelope.

  • Day-to-day correspondence letters. Invaluable tools for the mechanics of running your business. Includes: Delayed shipment letters, refund letters, credit denial letters, renewal letters, thank you notes, etc.

  • An entire section of letters used to promote, schedule, and conduct seminars. (Putting together your own seminar can be quite profitable!)

  • A full page ad used to sell a $100,000 home in 7 days. Use this to sell your home, even in a depressed market!

  • Plus over 30 standard letters youíll find tremendously valuable in the day-to-day operation of the business.

  • Youíll find all this and a lot more.

  • Plus authorís notes on how to get the most out of each letter, with tips on layout and design. This is one of those real treasures no small business should be without!

Now For The Great News!

This powerful collection of winning ads and sales letters could easily be worth thousands of dollars to you. In fact, itís like having a direct-marketing expert on call 24 hours a day. Have you checked into the prices of hiring a direct-marketing expert for just one hour? You can easily spend $1,000 an hour for a top expertís advice by phone.

But, now you can have a huge "library" of expert ads and sales letters, as part of this very generous package.

BONUS #3:  "The Ultimate Collection of Winning Ads and Sales Letters" - by Michael Kimble

This giant 264-page, 8Ĺ" by 11" book is filled from cover to cover with proven, successful direct-response ads and sales letters that have generated MILLIONS of dollars in income.  (One letter generated over 7 million cash with order customers!)  Anybody and everybody who needs ideas for headlines, guarantees, offers, sales letters, or ads can profit by having this book as a handy helper and reference tool.  Many people consider this book to be the ultimate "swipe file".  (in PDF format)

BONUS #4: "Classified Magic - The complete Step-By-Step Guide To Crafting Super-Responsive Classified Ads"

Discover step-by-step, how you can turbo-charge your tiny ad into a perpetual, cash-flowing marketing machine. I use the word "machine" because once you master these secrets, you can almost put your plans on auto-pilot ...and the results still keep pouring in ...non-stop. These are the same techniques a fellow we know uses to pull in between $6,520 to $10,260 every single month. (Sells for $39)  (Digital download)

BONUS #5: Dan Kennedy's "Master New Skills And How To Program Your Subconscious Mind" MP3

Dan's New audio MP3  revealsÖ "How To Automatically Master New Skills & Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success". This audio explores the uses of "spaced repetition learning" and "subconscious programming", for a wide variety of applications, and provides tips for getting the greatest value from any audio CD-based learning product or system you own or acquire. Listen and discover how to accelerate your mastery of new information and skills, how to effortlessly learn new "scripts" for selling, and how to "implant" new, more productive, motivational ideas directly into your powerful subconscious mind.

BONUS #6: Inside Secrets To Marketing On The Internet with Master Copywriter Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale was one of the first copywriters to pioneer successful writing techniques specifically for the Internet.  He's the author of some of the best books available on marketing including "Cyberwriting" which you can get from Amazon.com.  In this no-holds-barred interview, Joe reveals a load of secrets for making your Internet copy and marketing produce results beyond your greatest expectations.  (This audio is recorded in a MP3 file for easy download)

BONUS #7: An interview with a SURPRISE GUEST - Million Dollar Copywriting Strategies
In this extra bonus, you'll get 1 hour of how to's on creating a copy that sells.  There are lot's of ideas and examples, that will give you the cutting edge in copywriting.  (This audio is recorded in a MP3 file for easy download)

BONUS #8:  Copywriting Strategies with Ron LeGrand

Ron started with a $10 product and built a multimillion-dollar public company by doing the exact same thing he teaches you at the boot camp and he had no money, no credit, no rich relative, and no previous experience.

1 hour of audio recorded at a live bootcamp, Ron goes through the process that he uses to write winning headlines and sales letters that sells.
(MP3 format)

BONUS #9: INFO RICHES  "How To Find Hot Mailing Lists Using The Little Known Trade Secrets Of The Big-Time Brokers".

On these two information packed CD's, you'll hear Direct Marketing Expert and Registered List Broker Karen Anderson. Karen will tell you what you can do -- not only to protect yourself from a bad list -- but also how to get the most "bang for your buck" with great, hot mailing lists.

Karen Reveals:

  • How to cash-in using the "SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service) List Source" the same way the pro's do!
  • Where to find a "SRDS List Source" to use -- FREE!
  • Learn what each category in the SRDS really means.
  • What specific questions to ask about each list so you don't get burned! How to save money by talking the language the brokers use.
  • Learn the differences between list brokers, managers, owners and companies.
  • Learn the right questions to ask to ensure your success! Learn exactly what a "Data Card" is and how to read one.
  •  How to ask for certain types of data cards and know if they are useful for your particular offer.
  • The right formula you should use to guarantee getting your list order approved by the list owner.
  • Learn the trade secrets some list brokers use to their advantage and how to not have them used against you.

You must listen these tothese CD's before you talk to any broker or commit yourself to purchase any list. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars! And, when you select the proper mailing list, the sky's the limit on how much money you can make!

BONUS #10:  "The ULTIMATE Fill-In-The-Blanks Headline Swipe File

342 Winning Headlines you can copy and steal, to advertise any business.  PDF format

BONUS #11:  "Web Sales Letters Supreme"

488 pages of examples of some of the most successful sales letters, ezines, online marketing strategies on the internet today.  Here's are some of contributors:

Yanik Silver - Dr. Ken Evoy -Terry Dean - Mark Joyner - Jonathan Mizel - Bob Silber
Lee Benson - Jimmy Brown - Neal Shearing - Collin Almeida

Plus several pages of Copywriting resources. 

BONUS #12:  "The Science of Getting Rich" 

By Wallace Wattles, a classic book for wealth development.

BONUS #13:   "Think and Grow Rich"

By Napoleon Hill, who spent over 20 yrs, studying successful entrepreneurs of that time, i.e. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, and 500 others, to find the common denominator of success, which he put in this best-seller.

BONUS #14:  "How to make $24,000 in 24 hours on the Internet!"

Robert Allen
Yes, it's the Robert Allen you know. Another real estate guru turned info-preneur.  Bob wrote the book Nothing Down followed with Creating Wealth.  Both on the best seller list for years and still available in bookstores everywhere.  His newest is Multiple Streams Of Income and that's what he'll be teaching.  But Bob will be the first to tell you even though real estate is his first love, it was information marketing that made him a multimillionaire.

In this special report, on how to make money online instantly, Robert Allen will show you how he made $24,000 in 24 hours online!

BONUS #15:  "Purpose, Vision, Goals"

By Bob Proctor (recently featured on CNN, Larry King Live) a great booklet filled with ideas to help you achieve your goals.

BONUS #16:  "Million Dollar Emails"

Here's a partial list of what you will learn:

  • 7 Ways To Collect Emails Online and Off
  • Managing Your List
  • Tips for Creating Winning Emails
  • Joint Venture Emails
  • Email Samples
  • PLUS Million Dollar Resource Directory
  • Created by multiple authors including Robert Allen, Joe Vitale, Jeff Paul and others. 

    Plus 2 bonus sections:

  • 101 Best Email Subject Headlines
  • Email Checklist

  • BONUS #17:  
    "Secrets of Affiliate Success"

    My book on how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

    BONUS #18:  "Web Design for Internet Businesses"

    This course, complete with 4 audio files will give you the information you need to design professional looking web sites that give your customers confidence in doing business with you.

    BONUS #19:   Ted Nicholas "The San Diego Conference"

    Ted shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in starting a business and growing into a multi-million dollar sales machine.

    BONUS #20:
      Peter Sun's Special Report: "78 FREE and Low Cost Ways To Add At Least 27% To Your Small Business Profits In The Next 90 Days or LESS!  Guaranteed!"

    These are the very same strategies the Peter Sun an ex-muffin baker used to take him from being broke and desperate to making $272,012.00 a year working from home with NO staff or overheads... (Digital download)

    BONUS #21:  "New Business Power Marketing Program" -  Bob Serling (ebook)

    Here's How To Get All The Leads You'll Ever Need For Your Business

    And I Mean Hot, Qualified Leads That Will Blow The Lid Off Your Sales And Profits!

    The fact is, this program is so powerful and so flexible, I can't think of a single business that couldn't get immense benefit from it immediately.

    The manual for this program is designed to get you up and bringing in more sales in record time. After quickly but thoroughly showing you why these two lead generation formats work so well, the manual gets right down to clear, step-by-step instructions on precisely how to use them in your business.

    Here are the powerful advantages you'll gain by using this program:

    You'll generate more HIGH-QUALITY leads than you ever dreamed of by using these two powerful formats. Each format is laid out and explained in comprehensive detail.

    Ö You get samples of the two advertising pieces I actually use to generate tons of leads for my own business. All of the copy is there for you to use word for word. But that's just the start. Next, each sample piece is broken down block by block. Each block is thoroughly explained so you understand precisely why it works and why it's critical that you create your own pieces in the precise order that's given to you.

    Ö Foolproof directions for customizing both formats to gain maximum advantage for your own business. The examples used in the manual to illustrate the techniques are the same pieces I use in my own business. And to make sure they'll work for your business, you get detailed instructions that take all the guess work out of customizing them.

    You get all the details on how to customize BOTH formats for mail order businesses, retail businesses, and service businesses. Nothing is left to chance. Using this system, you'll be able to adapt each format to the specialized needs of your own business in about an hour. This lead generating system works for ANY business!

    BONUS #22:  "Masters of Direct Marketing" - John Carlton audio

    Direct Marketing Expert John Carlton reveals the very same strategies that he used to take him from being broke and desperate to producing multi-million dollar sales material.  John will share with you how he thinks as he writes copy that sells.  You can learn his techniques to apply to your business.

    BONUS #23:  Sales Overload

    Learn how to cut through the clutter when starting your business and focus on what needs to be done to succeed instead of getting distracted by all the "junk" that comes at you.  This audio will help you get on track fast.

    PLUS you get 21 products you can sell and make money.  These are not the same old resale rights junk you see for $3.99.  These are recent releases and each includes a ready-made web site for you to set up and start making sales quickly.
    If you could get these for $3.99 each (but you can't) they would be worth $83.79, you can only get them here

    Well there you have it.  44 incredible bonuses plus 24 CD's in MP3 format and a Huge Workbook in .pdf format all inside the Member's Area

    This is a great opportunity for you to experience what others will just dream about.  The freedom and lifestyle of personal success.

    Your partner in Success,

    Bill Howell
    Interad Concepts, Inc.

    PLEASE NOTE: The entire program is in digital format in the Members Area.  The 24 Audio CD's are in MP3 format.  The Workbook is in PDF format that you can view on your computer or print out.  All the bonuses are in the same digital format, audio MP3's and PDF.

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